Lower limb bracing solutions to save time and money.

Inflatable cradle supports for orthopaedic and rehabilitation care.


Align Orthotics has exclusive rights to distribute Orthoflex products in Australia and New Zealand. Established in 2004, Orthoflex is an innovative medical R&D company, producing high quality, dynamic bracing for orthopaedic and healthcare services. The Orthoflex philosophy is to provide functional bracing solutions for when dynamic support is desired. Currently, Orthoflex offers a Short Brace for immobilisation and support of the foot and ankle, as well as a Long Brace for immobilisation and support of all lower limb injuries (ie. up to or just above the knee).



  • First Aid immobilisation of lower limb after trauma
  • Pre and Post Operative immobilisation of lower limb
  • Anti-rotational support following hip procedures
  • Prevent plantar flexion (calf) contractures
  • Treat and prevent ulcers and bed sores in the lower leg, including the heel
  • Night splint for plantar fasciitis




  • Rapid application needing only one person and one minute to apply
  • Affordable and reusable device which reduces your cost per use and provides excellent return on investment
  • Washed and sterilised by hand laundering, standard antiseptic soap and gas sterilisation. Brace is waterproof and non-absorptive so it can dry immediately
  • Radiographic translucency brace that does not disturb the quality of the radiographic image and need not be removed for x-ray examination
  • Lightweight brace that reduces strain on patient having to carry affected limb when non-weight bearing
  • Easily removable for change of wound dressing, examination of the limb, and hygiene purposes
  • Minimal storage space required as brace can be deflated and packed flat
  • One size fits all reduces the amount of stock required to be held
  • Increased staff compliance due to simplicity of use and reduced chance of complications
  • Increased patient compliance as brace is comfortable to wear and lightweight
  • Neutral positioning of the foot and ankle
  • Absorption of jolting during transportation protects patient from further injury and pain
  • Adjustable stiffness as required to provide a flexible padded support for patient comfort, accommodate changes in swelling, and reduce risk of compartment syndrome, ischemia and other complications
  • High quality and durable device made from nylon with a polyurathane coat, and welded with high frequency ultrasound


Orthoflex Brochure
Short Leg Brace pamphlet
Long Leg Brace pamphlet
Clinical guidelines for Cradle Splint Use

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