Fracture Bracing


The goal in fracture management is to ensure that the involved limb segment, when healed, has returned to its best possible function. This is accomplished by obtaining and subsequently maintaining a reduction of the fracture with an immobilisation technique, allowing the fracture to heal whilst providing the patient with functional aftercare. Either nonoperative or surgical means may be used.

Align Orthotics assists patients with conservative management of fractures, traumatic injuries and post-operative bracing.

Home and hospital visits are available by appointment.


Fracture bracing available:

  • CAM Walker (moon boot)/Air Walker
  • Ankle bracing
  • Zimmer knee immobiliser
  • Range of Motion knee brace
  • Spinal bracing
  • Neck collars
  • Custom moulded plastic wrist splint
  • Fibreglass synthetic cast
  • Prefabricated wrist splints
  • Prefabricated thumb splints
  • Mallet finger splint
  • Clavicle strap